Friday, 30 September 2011

UTP MTB Jamboree 2011 :: In Conjunction with the 11th Convocation Ceremony

Mountain biking has long been a popular sport in Malaysia, with its own legendary trails and stories. It is said that ever since bicycles were introduced into the land, the inland villagers who embraced it were the first mountain bikers - having to traverse the challenging trails to and from their remote settlements.

Today mountain biking in Malaysia has reached the level of its own. It is now considered one of the fastest widespread sports in Malaysia. Jamboree after jamboree was held in numerous places with each of the event attracting thousands of MTB enthusiasts all over the country.

The fever, has even infected the University communities, Universities such as USM, UMT, UTM,UNIMAP and several others has successfully organized Jamborees that manage to gathered huge numbers of participants. Such big crowd and wide attention has given those universities the desired publicity to attract more interest from the public. The blending of Health, Fun and Games in Mountain Biking with the intellectual qualities of a university does truly reflects an excellent combination that would definitely attracts the younger generation as UTP’s potential students.


To gather MTB enthusiast from inside and outside of Malaysia to get to know each other while embracing the nature and the surrounding of UTP and Bandar Seri Iskandar

To promote a healthy lifestyle with mountain biking as the main platform of choice

To strengthen the good relationship of the university with the communities and public

To promote UTP as a reputable institution with excellent educational quality as well as a fun and exciting university with beautiful environment and healthy activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program by encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle through participation of sports.

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